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2016 Jeep Patriot


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2016 Jeep Renegade


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Why Buy a Salvage Car?

Most of the vehicles Autogator sells are "salvaged", meaning they either came from an insurance company that deemed it a total loss or went through a paperwork process that changed it to a salvage history. The fact that an insurance company considered the vehicle a total loss doesn't mean that its not a great vehicle and can't be put back on the road after some repairs, it just means their numbers didn't work if they paid a body shop to fix it. Buying a repairable vehicle from Autogator can save you thousands of dollars. For an explanation of how a vehicle becomes salvaged, please check out this page.

Recycling Helps Our Enviroment

Autogator sells salvaged vehicles and used parts off of salvaged vehicles, both help out the environment! Repairing a vehicle and keeping it on the road is a much more economical way to own a newer vehicle, at the same time, reducing the need for new vehicles to be produced. Using used parts to keep your vehicle on the road is also another great form of recycling that people don't consider.