How it Works - Selling your vehicle to Autogator

Selling your vehicle to AutoGator is easy! Below is a summary of how our process works

  1. Submit Your Information Online, or Call 916-960-1515

    We made it easy to submit your vehicle's information online so you can get cash for your car. Just click here to begin submitting your vehicle's information and the process will begin. Or, you can call us at 916-960-1515 and speak to one of our trained vehicle appraisers.

  2. We Review Your Information and May Make You An Offer.

    After all correspondence relating to the vehicle is finished and both parties agree to the terms, we will begin the purchasing process and either have a tow company contact the Seller to schedule a pick up time or the Seller can deliver the vehicle to our facility.

  3. Vehicle is Picked Up / Delivered to AutoGator

    If the vehicle is picked up by our tow company, the tow driver handles payment and paperwork at the time the vehicle is picked up and the Seller is finished at this time. If the vehicle is being delivered to Autogator, the paperwork and payment is handled at our facility in person. When there are times that the Seller cannot be with the vehicle when its picked up, other arrangements can be made for paperwork and payment.

  4. Payment is Made and We Do All the DMV Paperwork - You're Finished

    After the paperwork and payment is taken care of, Autogator handles the DMV process of changing ownership for the vehicle. Autogator is a licensed dealer in the state of CA and must process newly purchased vehicles within a limited time. The vehicles Release of Liability is submitted by the Seller, either by mailing in the form attached to the title or completing the online form on the DMV website (recommended).

Order Tracking

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