2009 Audi Q5 parts 3.2 Quattro,3.20, 111504


2009 Audi Q5 with lots of good useable parts. This vehicle has 111504 mils., a Automatic trans, 3.20 litr engine, 18" rims, has Tan (Color code N1F/RD) interior, and is 4WD.

Call us with our stock #R18789:

<dt><b>Transmission</b> - $350</dt>
<dd>111K, SHIFTED VERY SMOOTH, 4/5 star, 90 day warranty</dd><dt><b>Hood</b> - $200</dt>
<dd>RQ, blue, good, * normal pitting, scuffs, light indentations frame lower metal being glued to top metal</dd><dt><b>Engine Brain Box</b> - $75</dt>
<dd>8R0907559A</dd><dt><b>A/V Equipment</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>8R0035223</dd><dt><b>Engine Cooling Motor</b> - $125</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>L Headlamp</b> - $175</dt>
<dd>RQ, very good, * normal pitting, lens corner chipped</dd><dt><b>Wheel</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>195/70-18, LIGHT USED</dd>