2007 Jeep Wrangler parts X,3.80, 63733


2007 Jeep Wrangler with lots of good useable parts. This vehicle has 63733 mils., a Automatic trans, 3.80 litr engine, 17" rims, has Grey (Color code A7DD) interior, and is 4WD.

Call us with our stock #R18440:

<dt><b>Dash Panel</b> - $150</dt>
<dd>RQ, black, A7DD, very good, * light scuffs, gouges</dd><dt><b>Shifter</b> - $65</dt>
<dd>AT</dd><dt><b>Front Bumper</b> - $100</dt>
<dd>***AFTMKT***, steel, * LH light bent, bare bumper</dd><dt><b>Radiator Support</b> - $250</dt>
<dd>LH rail only</dd><dt><b>Radiator Support</b> - $250</dt>
<dd>RH rail only</dd><dt><b>R Rear Door</b> - $200</dt>
<dd>RQ, black, good, * front lip bent, window frame light bent, scrapes, scratches, rust</dd><dt><b>R Door Mirror</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>RQ, black texture, good, * normal pitting, nicks</dd><dt><b>Chassis Brain Box</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>P68003421AC, ***NO EBAY***</dd><dt><b>A/V Equipment</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>tested, P05107095AJ</dd><dt><b>Wiper Motor Front</b> - $35</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>Evaporation Canister</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>04891780AB</dd><dt><b>LR Door Window</b> - $75</dt>
<dd>AFTMKT tint</dd><dt><b>Condenser</b> - $50</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>Heat/Ac Controler</b> - $45</dt>
<dd>* tested</dd><dt><b>Front Seat</b> - $100</dt>
<dd>gray/black cloth, A7DD, fair, * cloth wearing, lower bolster wearing, small cut</dd><dt><b>Front Seat</b> - $125</dt>
<dd>gray/black cloth, A7DD, very good, * cloth wearing</dd><dt><b>2nd Seat (Rear Seat)</b> - $175</dt>
<dd>gray/black cloth, A7DD, fair, * cloth wearing, tears</dd><dt><b>Console</b> - $65</dt>
<dd>black/gray, A7DD, good, * light scuffs & scratches</dd><dt><b>LH F Door Trim Panel</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>black, A7DD, fair, * scuffs & scratches</dd><dt><b>RH F Door Trim Panel</b> - $65</dt>
<dd>black, A7DD, good, * scuffs & scratches</dd><dt><b>Cowl</b> - $60</dt>
<dd>black, metal, very good, * paint faded</dd><dt><b>Column</b> - $75</dt>
<dd>black cover, A7DD, * w/key</dd><dt><b>Speedometer</b> - $65</dt>
<dd>63K, 56054023AF</dd><dt><b>Washer Bottle</b> - $45</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>R Taillight</b> - $45</dt>
<dd>SQ, very good, * light scuffs & scratches</dd><dt><b>Jack</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>w/tools</dd><dt><b>Radiator</b> - $65</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>Overflow Bottle</b> - $35</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>Rear Drive Shaft</b> - $100</dt>
<dd>63K, verified good</dd><dt><b>Lid/Gate</b> - $200</dt>
<dd>RQ, black, good, * dings, small dents, selling w/spare tire carrier</dd><dt><b>Frame</b> - $800</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>Wheel</b> - $125</dt>
<dd>WHEEL & TIRE, AFTMKT, "PRO COMP XTREME" 33x12.5R17, * NEW</dd><dt><b>Master Cylinder</b> - $35</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>Power Brake Booster</b> - $50</dt>
<dd></dd><dt><b>Misc Accessory Part</b> - $125</dt>
<dd>* roll cage cloth covering</dd>