2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS550 parts CLS550,4.70, 54621


2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS550 with lots of good useable parts. This vehicle has 54621 mils., a Automatic trans, 4.70 litr engine, 0" rims, has Tan (Color code 208) interior, and is RWD.

Call us with our stock #R15979:

<dt><b>Turbo Supercharger</b> - $125</dt>
<dd>2780901780</dd><dt><b>Turbo Supercharger</b> - $100</dt>
<dd>2780901880 * less waste gate vacuum actuator</dd><dt><b>Transmission</b> - $700</dt>
<dd>54K, SHIFTED VERY SMOOTH, 4/5 star, 90 day warranty</dd><dt><b>L Front Door</b> - $450</dt>
<dd>SQ, silver, very good, * ding, rear lip light bent</dd><dt><b>Front Seat</b> - $100</dt>
<dd>light grey, very good, * tested, headrest blown</dd><dt><b>Front Seat</b> - $100</dt>
<dd>light grey, very good, * tested, headrest blown, indentations</dd><dt><b>Rear Trim</b> - $65</dt>
<dd>Rear window shade roller, A2188100020</dd><dt><b>Speedometer</b> - $75</dt>
<dd>54K, 2189006102</dd><dt><b>Rear Coil Spring</b> - $50</dt>
<dd>2123202125</dd><dt><b>Rear Coil Spring</b> - $50</dt>